Paragliding Course (USPPA) In Israel +972-52-244-3796

First course paraglider with / without engine 052-244-3796 (American Society USPPA)

According to a study (United States Powered Paragliding Association - USPPA PPG 1/2/3
( Introductory meeting cost NIS 1,000. (Details not group) 

Paragliding course in a unique and innovative introductory course or a full course. (Private course no group, no need to buy equipment) 
Study combined a couple flights a motorized paraglider. 
Short introductory session - 3 hours of theory and practice of land, low solo and double flight 20 minutes, at the end of each session the student receives a video documenting the progress and images. (Over 100 images) 

* Subject to a program of study American Association of motorized paragliding 
( Introductory meeting cost NIS 1,000. (Details not group) 
* Hebrow / English language 
(Trainee receives photos and video taken after each meeting. 

Full course details do not group - Training is a double with an instructor flight paraglider with a motor, air and applied learning include: 

A. Theory lessons - recognition equipment, meteorology, navigation, wing, aerodynamics, laws and other flying through the air. . .

B. Operations and ground handling - raising parachute, county methods, control of the glider, steering the parachute, land and other training
 engine - safety, motor heating, air strips, motor back and more 

C. Flight and practical training in the air - a double flight instructor with paraglider and motor learning actual flight, takeoff and learning 

Takes place on the beach of Bat Yam, basic course also includes a basic course for emergency .For prices and other details please contact Yoram on 052-244-3796

Paraglider course cost: NIS 8,000-10,000 
Basic Course Sample
Advance Course

Prepare for take-off

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